Ron Mitchie, GACAP Chairman

Born in Reading 1937 and lived in Birkenhead and Belfast by the age of 4 back to Reading until I was 15 when I left School and started work.

Moved to Newton Aycliffe in 1952 and married in 1956, did my national service in 1958 to 1960 then did 2 years as a Marine engineer in 1962 to 1964 with Shell Tankers.

Worked at my trade as a toolmaker for several years before moving into the motor industry and finishing up as a Parts Manager before doing many other bits and bobs and then becoming a house husband at the age of 50.

My interest has always been sport and this includes many years of playing before turning to administration as Secretary for Football, Cricket and Golf Clubs then as a Trustee for the old Boys Club which occupied the now Magistrates site, Community Centre, Youth Centre and at present am Chairman of GACAP which has over 30 Partners and growing in which we all help those people in need in Great Aycliffe

Was widowed in 2013 and in 2016 married my present wife Joan and we now live in Darlington but work together doing all our Community work in Newton Aycliffe.

I attend Harvest Christian Church in Woodham, Harvest Church are partners of GACAP and work across the town, county and abroad.

Joan Mitchie, GACAP Secretary

Joan came to Newton Aycliffe in 2002 having moved to the North East 15 years earlier. She worked in the private sector in senior management of the nursing home industry. Prior to retirement Joan was Marketing Manager of the largest care home group in the UK and worked predominately with older people with dementia and is a Dementia Friend and Champion working with her husband our chairman who is also a Champion.

Between 2011 – 2014, Joan was initially Secretary at Newton Aycliffe Youth Club, moving to Treasurer and then with a name change moved on to Finance Officer of Newton Aycliffe Youth and Community Centre.

Joan became a trustee at Agnew Community Centre leading on for a short period to chairman.

Joan has been Secretary of GACAP since inception and is passionate about empowering people of all ages to be the best that they can been.

Joan is an active member in her local church Harvest Church in Woodham. She is also involved is several other projected on and off the town.

Liane Taylor, GACAP Treasurer

Director of Service for Employment and Social Enterprise services. Responsible for DISC's Employment service and Social Enterprise, More Time. Over 15 years' experience working in the employment and training arena and managing services for over 11 years. Delivering employability programmes to develop people's skills and experience to move them closer to the labour market. This is achieved through the provision of information, advice and guidance, placement opportunities and access to skills and training. Our social enterprise trading subsidiary, More Time (UK) Ltd delivers services in the areas of cleaning, catering and furniture recycling. This allows us to offer people the opportunity to access valuable work experience which can progress to paid employment.

Peter Driver, Asisstant Secretary

Peter Driver. Currently representing the Harvest Christian Church where they help serve in the body of believers. They recently joined GACAP and are enjoying meeting all the different members and partners. Peter was in October 2017 elected as Assistant Secretary of GACAP and a member of GACAP Management Committee.

Peter worked full time for a church in South Africa for 6 years and moved to the UK initially to London but subsequently moved to Newton Aycliffe. Peter and Terri, his wife has a heart for people in need and they are as of August 2017 involved as Champion of the West Ward Regeneration Conversation. A programme which will hopefully eventually get sufficient funding to regenerate 6 of the most deprived street in Newton Aycliffe.